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Carpet Cleaning Services in London

Are you looking for a carpet cleaning service in London? We provide all types of carpet cleanings. Katharo cleaning is working in London for years for making our clients happy with our satisfaction guaranteed Services. We have extensive experience in emergency cleaning and urgent work requirements.

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What We Will Do For You In Carpet Cleaning Service?

We will complete our initial assessment that what your carpet needs and how it should be cleaned. We will use our eco-friendly liquids to remove if there are any stains, grease, or spills on your carpet. There are two types of carpet cleaning methods dry vacuuming and wet carpet cleaning. We will decide which type of cleaning your carpet needs after doing some assessments.

Katharo Cleaning services has a professional and well-trained team who don’t leave any dirt behind. We have been working for years for our clients to ensure they get the best from us. Katharo cleaning services are available in any part of London. You can Register your details on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As the best cleaning service provider in London, we only use certified chemicals safe for any allergy and asthmatic patients. Not only this our cleaning solutions are safe for kids playing around your house. If there is any disastrous spill on your carpet causing a bad smell around your house which is need to be cleaned on an urgent basis we are available any time you call us or reach us.

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Carpet Cleaning Service Includes:

Carpet Cleaning

Usually Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet drying depends on the weather, temperature and airflow in the room. It takes almost 8 to 24 hours to dry a carpet. If you turn on the fan and temperature controller of your room it may take a lot less time to get dry.

The cleaning method for your carpet depends on how long you have not cleaned your carpet or how your carpet is dirty. We have two types of cleaning methods that are dry cleaning and wet cleaning methods these are further divided into more categories which you can know by contacting us.

It’s not required, but you can do it to save more time for us. We always vacuum a carpet before cleaning it.

Yes, our professional team will move furniture from the carpet without any charges but we recommend you move breakable items such as lamps, plants, glass furniture, etc yourself.

We do not guarantee spots or stain removals because certain stains cannot be cleaned like burn spots from a chemical or other liquids.

If keep your windows open all day your carpet may get dust faster. We apply certain solutions to your carpet to resist dust and stains.