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Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

In order to assist you and your employees in gaining new skills, UK Commercial Cleaning offers a variety of courses. As part of the training, you will receive practical hands-on experience in simulated environments as well as classroom instruction at our Newcastle training school.

Keeping the environment, our customers and our people at the core of Katharo Cleaning’s mission is fundamental to us becoming the best and most successful cleaning company in the UK.

Putting performance first, and building a team of exceptional, committed, and longstanding employees, we are creating something unique in an industry that rarely finds ‘special’ people.

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Commercial Cleaning Services in Uk

Having worked in the commercial cleaning industry for many years, Katharo Cleaning is well-versed in the nuances involved in various types of commercial cleaning. Whether sole traders or multinational corporations, we work with a variety of companies of all sizes. 

The following are just a few of our professional and extensive services:

Office Cleaning

Clean and tidy offices contribute to company productivity and demonstrate pride and professionalism, which is essential to company success.

Event Cleaning

The venue will always be kept in prime condition during and after all events, whether they are small conferences or large public gatherings.

Pub & Restaurant Cleaning

The health and safety inspections that pubs and restaurants undergo ensure that your business meets the cleanliness standards required of such establishments.

Sports & Leisure Cleaning

To ensure that all visitors to your gym or leisure centre have a pleasant experience, we keep gyms and other sports and leisure facilities in excellent condition and ensure that they are hygienic.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

To ensure that a rented apartment is in prime condition for the next tenant, and also to ensure restitution of the bulk of the initial deposit to outgoing tenants, the lease agreement expiration property needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Ventilation Cleaning

It is important to maintain any commercial building that has vents or extraction systems to avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris that could pose a health risk to users.

Commercial Contract Cleaning

Employee confidence and business performance are greatly influenced by a clean working environment. As a result, we are able to provide innovative cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. In order to maintain a cleaner, safer, more welcoming workplace for your employees and visitors, our highly experienced cleaners, supervisors, and managers will be able to assist you. With our innovative, holistic and more sustainable Total Environment Cleaning solutions, we offer a variety of commercial cleaning services.

Why Choose Katharo Cleaning?

Not Just Surfaces, But The Entire Space Is Cleaned

Sterilizing surfaces and touchpoints is no longer enough. It is imperative that traditional approaches and methods be changed if we wish to maintain employee confidence in a clean environment.

Fogging and sterilisation were overused in traditional cleaning methods, which resulted in microbial resistance and a lack of clean air. The way we do things can be improved. By promoting overall well-being, and by promoting holistic and sustainable practices, we don’t ignore the importance of clean air for our people.

A Strong Sense Of Purpose

At the core of our organization is A strong sense of purpose.

Everyone on our team believes that by looking after our cleaners, we will be able to provide better service for our customers. By treating cleaners well and paying them fairly, we can improve their morale, performance, and efficiency.

In an industry that is notorious for its poor working conditions, we continue to work toward setting standards. Many of our team members have been together for over a decade because we retain the best people and recruit on values. Keeping our customers safe and healthy at work is our top priority, and this expertise and experience make us invaluable to them.

Positive Results Are Guaranteed

We take pride in the expertise, professionalism, and helpfulness of our team members. Throughout our organization, we strive to deliver rock-solid operational performance, from the front lines to the support staff. Working with us means you will notice a difference due to our high standards and willingness to measure our performance. Keeping accounts of performance, measuring, supervising, and reviewing is at the core of our core values. Without a doubt, we will let you out of your contract without any qualms if you do not see a measurable positive impact within the first three months.

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Sustainability And Safety

Safety has always been our number one priority for our clients and employees. In the wake of the Covid pandemic and the effects it had on UK life, that is of particular importance.

Therefore, we follow all health and safety guidelines and take all necessary precautions in providing the service.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided with each of our commercial cleaners to ensure their safety and yours.

By using eco-friendly and plastic-free cleaning products and methods, Katharo Cleaning contributes to a sustainable and healthier environment. By partnering with Eco Bravo, we are able to offer you highly efficient cleaning services that are comparable to any high street or commercial brands of cleaning products your company presently uses.

If you would like to start your cleaning contract with a one-time anti-viral cleaning as an option, we can offer you this additional service at an additional charge. You can repeat this service at regular intervals if necessary, ensuring your premises are kept as clean as possible.

Usually Asked Question


We protect you from COVID by using a variety of cleaning products and practices. The products we use conform to BS EN 1276, which are highly effective virucidal and bactericidal agents. Offices can be kept hygienically clean by using any or all of these methods.

Keeping an office clean on a regular basis is a good idea. Office size, staff numbers, the nature of the business, and how messy it gets all have an effect on how much cleaning is necessary. Each day begins with just two hours of service. Keeping larger offices clean requires more time and more hours, especially if there are a lot of employees.

Using eco-friendly products is a priority for Swift Office Cleaning Services! Occupational safety and health are directly related to ISO 14001 certification.

Our goal is to minimize waste and chemicals as much as possible. With the same high standards of cleaning we expect, we have specially selected our range of cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.

The Three Tiers of Cleaning

  • CLEANING: Remove clutter, dust, crumbs, and other detritus.
  • SANITIZING: Reduce germs and decrease the opportunity for microbes to gather by providing antibacterial solutions.
  • DISINFECT: Destroy germs on contact by eradicating them where they live and inhibiting their spread at the source.

It is usually more skilled and experienced cleaners that will take on commercial cleaning, so you can expect to pay a high rate for their services.